State of the Region

As current president of the region, this will be my last week in office. This Thursday votes will be counted, and I will no doubtfully be forced to end my term as president. So I think we should take this time to establish just what a president can, and can NOT do. As I am sure many are wondering…wait, whats that, no one gives a shit? Oh well, screw it!

Anyway I think its time that we established what the president will and will not do. For starters the president will be able to survey the people, but not hold elections, were changing how elections are done (i’ll get to that in a second). The president will also be able to compose region wide telegrams, such as this one. Considering how it might be slightly biased if one guy made all the rules, new legislation and powers must be voted on. If there is nothing yet saying what the president or congress can or can not do, then it must be voted on. Once a precedent has been established voting will no longer be required so regularly.

Now, how do I vote? Well voting on the regional page has been discontinued. In order to vote you will have to register and join our new site,
Once you are registered with a wordpress or social media account you can vote and post on the site. The president and congressmen will have access to more exclusive posting rights.

The term limit as of now is one term in a row, so you can be voted in, leave, someone else is voted in, they leave, then you can be voted in again. This is to stop corruption and give new people a shot. Each term will last six weeks. All of this can be altered at a latter point. As of this moment there is no constitution. Seeing as the president will be voted in before the congress, he can propose one to be voted on and ratified by the region and the congress members. Election voting will take place here:

Also for all interested delegates there will be a debate tomorrow where you can yell at each other and talk about making a constitution. All states, even those not on the ticket are invited. Respond to this telegram is you want to join, as it will be a google chat, either voice or with typing and I will need your emails to invite you.

The site will be updated this Thursday after voting ends, at 3 pm. It will have a pined page with all governmental figures.

If there is anything I forgot or overlooked I will send a follow up telegram, or post on the website or regional message board. I encourage the entire region to use the website, every official telegram will have a link to it. A note to the president, the next state of the region should happen within a week of your election. You want to get those things done by the end of your term! Mine comes at the end and really should not be called that, but I don’t have any other names for it. We also will have someone to edit your state of the region if you wish to record it.

With this I leave you, as by the rules I have set, I can not be re-elected this month.

BOSSF President of the Region,
Max Shiffman