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Winner of the May 2016 Presidential Election

Congratulations to the new president. The race was close, many people cheated, but Eastern Ural has won the election. Expect the state of the region within the next week. This is just an update for the archives, no one really cares who won….peace out!


Max Shiffman, former president of The Commonwealth of Boston



For those who are interested voting is now open, all votes must be cast by this Thursday at 3:00 pm. For those listed on the ticket you are invited to campaign to the region and all nations you may know. Voting is open to all regional states, if you can get your friends to join the region and vote for you those will be marked as official votes.

Presidential Election 2016

Seeing as many people on nation states have multiple nations, and voting is also measured based on regional influence, we have taken those who had the most votes, or time spent in region and allowed  them to move on to the final election. Voting for congress positions will be open next week, so all votes must be cast by this Thursday at 3:00 pm. Any votes cast latter will not be counted. Any regional nation may vote, and is encouraged to, as the president will have significant power for his term of 6 weeks. As this is the first election ever voting will last longer than normal.  Feel free to send out telegrams and campaign to the region in order to gain support. There will be a debate hosted this Tuesday for all those interested.


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